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Things to Note

Some things to note when filming:

Restrictions on Available Settings

The exposure settings available in movie mode (in live view or during recording) vary with the exposure mode selected.

Aperture Shutter speed ISO sensitivity
P, S 1, 2
A 1, 2
M 2, 3
  1. The upper limit for ISO sensitivity can be selected using the Movie ISO sensitivity settings > Maximum sensitivity option in the movie shooting menu (see this section).
  2. The upper limit when On is selected for Electronic VR in the movie shooting menu is ISO 102400.
  3. If On is selected for Movie ISO sensitivity settings > Auto ISO control (mode M) in the movie shooting menu, the upper limit for ISO sensitivity can be selected using the Maximum sensitivity option.

Keeping the Camera Cool

If live view is used continuously for extended periods, the camera’s internal temperature will rise, causing noise (bright spots, randomly-spaced bright pixels, or fog) to appear in images. Use live view only when taking pictures. Note that live view does not end when menus are displayed; unless you intend to resume shooting immediately, exit live view before using the menus.

Image Artifacts

Flicker, banding, or distortion may be visible in the monitor and in the final movie under fluorescent, mercury vapor, or sodium lamps, when power aperture is in use, or if the camera is panned horizontally or an object moves at high speed through frame. Jagged edges, color fringing, moiré, and bright spots may also appear. Bright areas or bands may appear with flashing signs and other intermittent light sources or if the subject is briefly illuminated by a strobe or other bright, momentary light source. Noise (randomly-spaced bright pixels, fog, or lines) and unexpected colors may be more noticeable if you zoom in on the view through the lens during live view.

The Flicker reduction option in the movie shooting menu can be used to reduce flicker under fluorescent, mercury vapor, or sodium lamps. The desired results may not be obtained if the subject is very bright, in which case you should try a smaller aperture (higher f-number).

Ending Recording

If the maximum length is reached, the memory card fills, the battery runs low, the live view selector is rotated to , the lens is removed, or the camera overheats, filming will end automatically and all footage shot to that point will be saved. No movie will be recorded if the battery is removed during filming.