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Technical Solutions | D5 TIPS

The D5 Versus the D4S: Controls and Displays

Users upgrading from the D4S to the D5 may notice that some of the controls and displays are in different locations, while others have been added or removed.

Controls and Indicators

The layout of the controls and indicators to the left of the monitor has changed.

The controls below the monitor are now as follows.

Using the Fn3 Button as a Button

If you use Custom Setting f1 (Custom control assignment) to assign Voice memo to the Fn3 button, the button will perform the same role as the button on the D4S.

An button has been added to the right of the monitor.

An MODE button has been placed on the front of the D5, positioned for ease of access when the camera is rotated to frame shots in portrait orientation.

The controls on the top left of the camera body are now as shown below.

The ISO button has been moved next to the shutter-release button and the MODE button has been moved to the top left side of the camera.

Using the Movie Record Button as a MODE Button

If you use Custom Setting f1 (Custom control assignment) to assign Exposure mode to the Movie record button + , you will be able to choose the exposure mode as you would on the D4S, using only your right hand.

Control Panels

The D4S displayed ISO sensitivity in the viewfinder and top and rear control panels; the D5 displays ISO sensitivity only in the viewfinder and top control panel.

The displays showing the frame count and the number of exposures remaining have switched positions in the top control panel. The D5 shows the frame count only when off.