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Nikon Professional Services (NPS) is an organization designed solely to assist photographers who earn their living using Nikon equipment. This worldwide service is available to any qualified professionals in a wide variety of photographic disciplines, including movie productions shot with Nikon equipment. The three main goals of NPS are to keep NPS members shooting, to treat every member fairly and to understand each member as an individual with his or her own specific set of needs. The face-to-face relationship between members and staff is critical, because that's what enables NPS to deliver informed and personalized support in a quick and timely manner.

Professional photography is an extremely competitive and time-sensitive business. Every minute counts. If a photographer's shooting regimen is interrupted for any reason, their business is in jeopardy. NPS is an indispensable part of any professional's strategy because it understands the passion and pressure that come with a life in photography. Our staff is dedicated to the assurance that no matter what issues arise, photographers will have the equipment, the advice and the solutions they need to keep their professional advantage.

The array of services that NPS provides are as wide and varied as the problems our members face. Repairs to damaged and dropped cameras are common, as are careful and frequent inspections of the image sensor in order to ensure image quality and avoid sensor-related problems down the line. NPS also works tirelessly to locate and loan out the best and most appropriate equipment to its members in order to maximize shooting time when their gear has been damaged or stolen.
Most importantly, NPS delivers a sense of security. Members know that when trouble arises, NPS will provide solutions immediately. In an unpredictable world, this may be the most vital service of all.
To learn more about the attitude and aspirations of NPS, see some of our NPS managers from around the world have to say.

The Americas

Professional photographers are serious about the images and video they create and Nikon Professional Services for the Americas is serious about making the Nikon experience the best possible. This starts with our very capable and experienced NPS staff. All are Nikon experts offering useful, faithful and dependable customer service, product training, consulting advice and event support to those who make their living from images created with Nikon products. Our office staff insures customers can take advantage of free services such as priority delivery of pro products, expedited repairs and excellent event support.
NPS also continues to provide outstanding educational opportunities to professionals.
Our goal is to keep Nikon professionals shooting with certainty, ease, and a feeling of security that comes with professional support. NPS staff members frequently immerse with working professionals learning how Nikon products create images for various industries. From this close relationship, NPS observes how Nikon products are used and collects feedback from professional photographers helping our engineers understand photographers' needs as Nikon designs future products.
This is an important relationship built on mutual trust which helps Nikon respond to the demands of photographers. NPS is an important part of the professional photography industry helping create a cycle of information that pushes both Nikon and NPS members to new levels of excellence.

Asia and Oceania

It's an honor to be part of this dynamic team that is dedicated to ensuring that our professional photographers keep delivering award-winning photographs with their Nikon equipment. As the person overseeing the professional market in the Asia Pacific region, it is my responsibility to ensure that we constantly evaluate and improve the services that we provide to the NPS members in our region. Working closely with the NPS teams from other regions also provides me with firsthand information on how the ever-changing demands in the imaging industry can be fulfilled by introducing new changes to our equipment or enhancing our workflow. We cherish every interaction and opportunity that we have working with professional photographers and it’s through such relationships that we make NPS unique and personal.


We continuously focus on providing the most efficient service to photographers, especially professionals from all fields. While China grows as one of the largest economic markets in the world, the number of photographers around the country is also increasing. We believe that our work will become more and more challenging. Over the last several years, we have successfully supported many journalists and photographers at international sporting events, such as F1 Grand Prix, the FINA World Championships, and the Olympic Games. Equipment support and problem-solving are all just part of our everyday work. Through NPS membership, we invite Nikon users from every field to this information platform for communication and skill exchange. But most important of all, we pass on the culture of Nikon imaging, as well as the products, to every corner of society through this valuable interchange of knowledge. We believe that pictures and videos will be the most important medium of the future, which means that shooting photos and making movies will become ever more popular. In the years to come you will find NPS everywhere, offering the best of what photographers need.

Japan and Korea

As general manager, I supervise the service and support that professional photographers in Japan receive, as well as support NPS activities in Japan and Korea. Despite these responsibilities, I do my best to remain true to our philosophy and maintain direct, face-to-face relationships with as many NPS members as I can. We teach our team to treat each member with warmth and respect so that they feel more comfortable not only with Nikon products, but also with Nikon service. This is what our role at NPS truly is: direct communication and interaction with professionals.


With 20 member countries and expansion to Russia in the near future, my team has a considerable amount of challenges to overcome, but I am happy to say that we accept these challenges with vigor. Our mission is to keep our members shooting, no matter what issues may arise. We are constantly looking for new ways to serve our members better and faster. Organizing NPS services for major sporting events like the recent FIFA World Cup South Africa™ gives us a unique opportunity to work with photographers from around the world while hearing first-hand accounts of how Nikon equipment is performing in the field. This valuable information is then fed back into the company to continue the cycle of future development, which in the end gives professionals an edge in the form of better equipment.