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NX Field is the first big innovation in synchronized multiple remote shooting in many years. Realizing reliable synchronized shutter release, intuitive control, fast image transfer and versatile applications, it offers expanded creative possibilities for photographers.

Please contact local NPS offices for any inquiries regarding NX Field, including system functions activation.

NX Field makes remote shooting more accessible

Francois-Xavier Marit

NX Field is so efficient, easy and reliable that we can utilize it for everything. Shooting remotely is no longer a gamble, and the capacity to control remote cameras with a tool as handy as a smartphone is absolutely wonderful, creating a link between the camera and the rest of the world. With NX Field, remote shooting will be more accessible for all photographers.

François-Xavier Marit
Photo Innovation Department of AFP

Click here to see how NX Field helps AFP photographers get unique, innovative images with the Z 9.

A game-changing tool for photographers

Antonin Thuillier

Finding a new point of view is important for photographers to achieve visually stunning images. NX Field helps me accomplish this by letting remote cameras work as an extension of me, multiplying the angles I can shoot from. In addition to its easy set up and control, it's insane how fast it goes — you can release the shutter when the action actually happens.

Antonin Thuillier
Photo Innovation Department of AFP

Transferring images from powerful angles in real-time

Joel Marklund

As deadlines nowadays are instant, NX Field creates new possibilities for remote photography and image delivery during big events. With NX Field, Nikon is making it easier for our agency to capture and transmit pictures from advantageous positions to our clients all over the world in real-time.

Joel Marklund
Nikon Europe Ambassador and Chief Photographer of Sweden's leading sports photo agency, Bildbyrån

Field usage example

At the 34th Ryuo Shogi (Japanese Chess) Tournament and the 46th Kisei Go Tournament, Nikon worked with The Yomiuri Shimbun to photograph the matches using NX Field. Silent shooting enabled capture of the most exciting and intense moments in the matches without disrupting the players' concentration.

Note: NX Field ver.1.1 and the Z 7 were used in this example.


Reliable synchronized shutter release is now possible for multiple remote cameras.

  • Sending shutter-release signals from a master to up to 10 remote cameras through wired LAN cable — to avoid signal confusion that causes failed shutter releases in situations where many photographers use radio signals all at once — makes capturing desired images as reliable as intended.
  • The status of remote cameras can be confirmed from a master camera — to avoid unintended errors that would otherwise be discovered after the shoot is done. You can check the connection status, remaining battery, latest shutter-release time, number of frames that can be shot and image sending status.
  • Even if FTP server network errors occur during an event, remote cameras can easily recover from such problems by remotely reconnecting to the FTP server.
  • Remote cameras can be programmed to activate at a designated time to save battery power.
  • Sending shutter-release signals through a 5G mobile network is also possible, a useful option when shooting venues are not equipped with wired LAN or you can avoid radio signal confusion.
  • You can use autofocus with NX Field either from the application or from a master camera, unlike conventional remote camera shooting where fixed manual focus is the only option. Being able to use autofocus means you can skip pre-focusing procedures that used to be required for individual remote cameras, facilitating camera setup and ensuring more images will come out in sharp focus. Remote cameras' autofocus can be activated by operating the master camera's shutter-release button or AF-ON button. When shooting with a smart device, you can control remote cameras' autofocus settings while confirming live view images to adapt to subject movements that you did not anticipate in advance, expanding remote shooting potential.


Controlling remote cameras is now available easily and intuitively from a portable smart device with minimal time lag.

  • Setting up remote cameras to operate with synchronized shutter release is easy using a smart device. The portability of a tablet or smartphone makes a big difference when installing remote cameras in places such as a narrow catwalk, where working with cumbersome apparatus would be difficult.
  • You can check multiple remote cameras' settings with a smart device, simultaneously or individually. Via the intuitive interface, you can change an individual camera's settings easily. This allows you to precisely control the remote cameras so that they function with the desired exposures and correct white balance settings when ambient light changes or you have certain creative intentions.
  • You can also check up to nine remote cameras' live view images, simultaneously or individually. While checking remote camera images, you can release shutters of remote cameras from a distant location. Thanks to fast data communication, you can capture the moments you need from the angles you choose even if you are not physically attending the venue.


Transmitting your desired images via FTP is now fast from multiple remote cameras.

  • The rapid data transmission speed of the D6 and D5 is fully utilized to upload images to the FTP server directly from multiple remote cameras using wired LAN.
  • Sending images is possible during synchronized shooting of a master and remote cameras as well as while changing camera settings via smart device.
  • Unlike conventional synchronized multiple remote camera operations where you have to burst shutter releases of all the connected cameras simultaneously all the time, NX Field lets you selectively release shutters to capture images of desired moments from desired cameras. Shooting is available with a master camera only, with remote cameras only, or with both the master and remote cameras. Because you can avoid capturing unnecessary images of wrong moments from the wrong angles, this prevents uploading large volumes of undesired images to the FTP server. Alternatively, you can use Select and Send function to manually narrow down the number of images for transfer. This all helps to save transmission time and editor's time to pick the right images.


Versatile applications that keep on growing.

  • Synchronized shutter release of a master camera and remote MRMC robotic cameras is available. Via the NX Field application on a smart device, you can display the MRMC robotic cameras' live view images, change the settings, and trigger shutter releases.
  • By incorporating the Z 7II/Z 6II or Z 7/Z 6 mirrorless cameras* in the system using WT-7 Wireless Transmitters, you can apply silent remote shooting, which expands NX Field's applications in situations where unobtrusiveness is crucial.
    * Forward compatible with the Z 7II/Z 6II and Z 7/Z 6. Can be controlled from NX Field application only, including synchronized shutter release. NX Field application and the camera's FTP function cannot be used simultaneously.
The story behind the development of NX Field

The story behind the development of NX Field

Thanks to the strong collaborative efforts between Nikon and AFP, one of the world's premier news agencies, an innovative solution in synchronized remote shooting has been realized as NX Field.
Find out the back story of NX Field development and the possibilities it offers.