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Technical Solutions | D500 TIPS

Muffling the Shutter

You may find it useful to mute the shutter at stage performances, during interviews, or for wildlife photography.

Quiet Shutter-Release Mode

When quiet shutter-release mode is selected in viewfinder photography, the mirror stays up while the shutter-release button is pressed all the way down. The mirror is lowered (more quietly than in single-frame mode) only when the shutter-release button returns to the halfway position, allowing you to control the timing of the click made by the mirror. In live view, the sound of the mirror being raised is eliminated altogether.

To choose quiet shutter-release mode, press the release mode dial lock release and rotate the dial to Q.

Quiet Continuous Shutter Release

For quiet burst photography with a frame rate of about 3 fps, rotate the release mode dial to Qc (quiet continuous).

Movie Stills

You can also achieve the effect of silent photography by filming movies silently and then later playing the movie back and using the Save selected frame option to create JPEG stills from selected frames.

1 Pause playback on the desired frame.

Press to pause playback.

2 Choose Save selected frame.

Press or , then highlight Save selected frame and press .

3 Create a still copy.

Press to create a fine★-quality JPEG copy of the current frame. A confirmation dialog will be displayed; highlight Yes and press .

Save Selected Frame

Movie stills lack some photo information and can not be retouched.