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Burst Photography: Keeping Exposure Consistent

When using a continuous release mode to photograph subjects that are in motion or that vary in brightness, you may notice that exposure changes between frames. For consistent exposure, select mode M or:

  • Turn face detection off

    When Face detection on is selected for Custom Setting b5 (Matrix metering), matrix metering will assign priority to the faces of portrait subjects. Active subjects may, however, not face the camera at all times, or may wear goggles or other equipment that obscures their faces, producing inconsistent exposure when face detection fails. For consistent results with matrix metering, select Face detection off.

  • Enable burst mode exposure lock

    Changes in the brightness of the subject or background may result exposure changing during a burst. For consistent exposure, select On (burst mode) for Custom Setting c1 (Shutter‐release button AE‐L) to lock exposure when the shutter is released at the start of a burst instead of when the shutter-release button is pressed halfway.