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Winter Sports 2018 Blog

Behind the Camera: “Best of PyeongChang” by Matthias Hangst

The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games closed leaving each of us with our favorite memories of sporting moments. Matthias Hangst, Getty Images Chief Photographer, talked to us about his “Best of PyeongChang.”

Behind the Camera: “Be ready for the unexpected” by David Ramos

Pyeongchang, South Korea - David Ramos, Spain-based photographer with Getty Images: “I have been assigned to cover the whole competition of Snowboard and Freestyle Skiing during the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games along with my work mates Clive Rose and Cameron Spencer.

Behind the Camera: “Everything a sports photographer dreams of” by Delly Carr

Pyeongchang, South Korea - Delly Carr, Australia-based sports photographer and Nikon ambassador: “So what does an Australian photographer know about ice hockey? Absolutely nothing!

Behind the Camera: “Challenges and Rewards” by Joel Marklund

PyeongChang, Feb 21, 2018 - Joel Marklund, Chief Photographer at Bildbyrån in Sweden and Nikon European Ambassador: “Normally when shooting Winter Olympics I'm covering a lot of ice hockey and other indoor sports.

Behind the scenes: “From creation to publication” with Photo Editor Shanna Lockwood

Pyeongchang, South Korea - Photo Editor Shanna Lockwood from USA TODAY blogs about what happens after photographers take the shot, here in Pyeongchang:

Behind the Camera: “11 Minutes for a Hockey Game” by Anke Wälischmiller

PyeongChang, Feb 12, 2018 - Anke Wälischmiller, Germany-based photographer: “At the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang I am working with another photographer on behalf of German photo agency Fotoagentur Sven Simon.

Behind the Camera: “Ballet Dancers on Ice” by Cui Nan

Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea - Cui Nan, photographer for the China News Service: “When shooting figure skating, the camera position determines what kind of photos you can take.

Behind the Camera: “The Epic Battle on Gold” by Dan Himbrechts

PyeongChang, Feb 14, 2018 - Dan Himbrechts, staff photographer at Australian Associated Press (AAP), Australia's national news wire agency: “This is my second Winter Olympic Games, and as Australia has a relatively small team of 51 athletes, I am the only photographer from my organisation covering.

Behind the Camera: “Get the Movement” by Quinn Rooney

Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea - Quinn Rooney, Australia-based photographer with Getty Images: “For Day 3 of the Winter Olympics I was assigned to cover the Luge.

Behind the Camera: “Freedom to be Creative!” by Matthias Hangst

Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea - Matthias Hangst, Getty Images Chief Photographer based in Germany: “I am proud to be part of the Getty Images team covering the Winter Games.

Behind the Camera: “Capturing intensity and uncertainty” by An Ling Jun

PyeongChang, Feb 10, 2018 - An Ling Jun, photographer for China Sports: “Short track speed skating on the first official day of the PyeongChang Olympics was the first of exciting events for me to cover.

Behind the Camera: “Careful planning required!” by Reina Kitamura

PyeongChang, Feb 9, 2018 -- Reina Kitamura, photographer from Japanese newspaper the Asahi Shimbun: “The Opening Ceremony is the first biggest event for all press photographers covering the Olympics.

Behind the Camera: “It's all about preparation” by Joel Marklund

PyeongChang, Feb 8, 2018 - Joel Marklund, Chief Photographer and Nikon European Ambassador: “Much has already been said about the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. It's really, really cold