Behind the Winning Shot
with Nikon D series

Every professional photographer has a shot that they are especially proud of, each with their own reasons.
Here, we reveal their real-world experiences, explaining the benefits of using Nikon that go far beyond camera specifications.

Tsutomu Kishimoto, Japan

To be one of the first person to use the new D6, Tsutomu Kishimoto, Japanese professional sports photographer shares his impression of how it lives up to his requirements of what may be considered a "professional gear" and how it will help uplift the art of sports photography to a whole new level. Listen in as he explains the new functions including the focus starting point and custom setting of group-area AF, in action.

Joel Marklund (Bildbyrån), Sweden

As a professional sports photographer, Joel Marklund can't afford to miss a moment. That's why he shoots with the Nikon D5. He explains how it allows him to get the best shot while staying ahead of the competition, thanks to everything from autofocus and ISO capabilities to seamless workflow and connectivity. Used together with NIKKOR lenses, the D5 gives him creative freedom, and the confidence that he'll always be first to deliver.

Jennifer Pottheiser, USA

Shooting the star athletes of the future and revealing their passion and emotion through portraits, behind-the-scenes shots and images of them in action takes Jennifer Pottheiser through all sorts of diverse scenarios and shooting environments. In that line of work, she needs to know that her equipment and support will always be there for her, which is why her go-to brand for cameras, lenses and support remains Nikon.

LingJun An (China Sports News), China

With his "old friend" the Nikon D5 in hand, LingJun An has been building an impressive portfolio of exciting and visceral shots extending from boxing to ski jumping for over a decade. LingJun shares his perspective from behind the lens as to why Nikon is such a close ally in the competitive field of sports photography.

François-Xavier Marit (AFP), France

What does it take to get the winning shot? For AFP technical chief and photographer François-Xavier Marit and AFP picture editor Roxane Camp, it is the lightning speed of transmission from photographer to editor, and the absolute quality of the JPEG images, including their sharpness and definition. Listen in as they share their story.

Delly Carr, Australia

For leading sports photographer Delly Carr, the Nikon D5 isn't just a tool: it's his best friend. He shares the story of how his relationship with Nikon has helped him throughout his career, giving him the performance and reliability he needs to succeed in the most demanding environments. And as Nikon cameras and lenses keep evolving, he's able to continue raising the bar.

Robert Beck, U.S.

Veteran sports photographer Robert Beck has been shooting with Nikon throughout his professional career, and the quality speaks for itself. With the D5 and NIKKOR lenses, he knows he doesn't have to worry about whether his gear will work properly under pressure. It gives him the freedom to be creative even in the most challenging conditions, and stay focused on his job: getting the best photos he can.