Technical Solutions

D4 First-Time Users Tips

Customizing the Command Dials

Custom setting f10: Customize Command Dials

Reverse rotation: Reverse the direction of rotation for the main and sub-command dials when making adjustments to Exposure compensation and/or Shutter speed/aperture*.

Highlight options and press to select or deselect, then highlight Done and press .

*These settings also apply to the command dials for vertical shooting.

Change main/sub: If Off is selected, the main command dial controls shutter speed and the sub-command dial controls aperture.

If On is selected, the main command dial will control aperture and the sub-command dial shutter speed.

If On (Mode A) is selected, the main command dial will be used to set aperture in exposure mode only.

This setting also applies to the command dials for vertical shooting.

Reversing Indicators

Custom Setting f13: Reverse Indicators

If is selected, the exposure indicators in the top control panel and information display are displayed with positive values on the left and negative values on the right.

Select to display negative values on the left and positive values on the right.

Choosing the Primary Slot

When using two memory cards, you can choose one as the primary card using the Primary slot selection item in the shooting menu.

Adjusting Monitor Brightness

The Monitor brightness option in the setup menu can be used to adjust monitor brightness for playback, menus, and the information display.

Option Description
Auto When the monitor is on, monitor brightness is automatically adjusted according to ambient lighting conditions. Care should be taken not to cover the ambient brightness sensor.
Manual Press or to choose monitor brightness. Choose higher values for increased brightness, lower values for reduced brightness.

Choosing the Monitor off Delay

Custom Setting c4: Monitor off Delay

Choose how long the monitor remains on when no operations are performed.


To choose how the camera sets exposure, press the button and rotate the main command dial until the desired metering option is displayed in the viewfinder and top control panel.

Choose from matrix ( ), center-weighted ( ), and spot ( ) metering.


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