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Movies – Time-Lapse


Follow the steps below to create silent time-lapse movies from photos taken automatically at selected intervals.

The resulting movie is recorded at the settings currently selected for Movie settings in the shooting menu.

We recommend that you connect the camera to an AC power supply using an optional EH-6b AC adapter and EP-6 power connector to ensure that shooting is not interrupted.

1 Select Time-lapse Photography.

Select Time-lapse photography in the shooting menu.

2 Choose the interval.

The dialog at right will be displayed. Choose an interval of from 1 s to 10 minutes* and press to proceed to the next step.

*The selected setting is shown in the bottom section of the dialog.

3 Choose the shooting time.

Enter a shooting time of from 1 minute to 7 hours 59 minutes* and press to proceed.

*The selected setting is shown in the bottom section of the dialog.

4 Start shooting.

The length of the movie that will be recorded at current settings and the space available on the memory card are shown at the bottom of the time-lapse photography dialog.

Highlight On and press *. Shooting will begin after 3 s.

*To return to the shooting menu without starting time-lapse photography, select Off.

Interrupting Time-Lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography will end automatically if the battery is exhausted. The following will also end time-lapse photography:

  • Selecting Start > Off for Time-lapse photography
  • Pressing between frames or immediately after a frame is recorded
  • Turning the camera off
  • Removing the lens
  • Connecting a USB or HDMI cable
  • Inserting a memory card into an empty slot
  • Pressing the shutter-release button all the way down to take a photograph

A movie will be created from the frames shot to the point where time-lapse photography ended. Normal photography can be resumed once time-lapse photography ends.


Time-lapse photography will end and no movie will be recorded if the power source is removed or disconnected or the destination memory card is ejected.

Time-Lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography is not available in live view, at a shutter speed of or when bracketing, High Dynamic Range (HDR), multiple exposure, or interval timer photography is active.

To record changes in brightness, use manual exposure; for consistent framing, colors and focus, turn vibration reduction off, choose a white balance setting other than auto, and use manual focus.

When time-lapse photographs are recorded with a "1,920 x 1,080 crop" option selected for movie frame size, the area used for metering exposure, flash level, and auto white balance is not the same as the area in the final photographs, with the result that optimal results may not be achieved.

Take test shots and check the results in the monitor.


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