Technical Solutions | D6 TIPS

Cropping Pictures

You can create cropped copies of selected pictures directly on the camera.

Playback Zoom

During playback zoom, the [Quick crop] option in the playback menu can be used to quickly crop pictures to the area visible in the monitor and save the result as a separate image with an aspect ratio of 4:3. With this method, the selected crop can be easily ascertained in the monitor as you work.

Zoom in and out using stretch and pinch gestures or the and () buttons and scroll using slide gestures or the multi selector. Once the desired crop is displayed, press the button or tap the icon in the display to view the menu, and then highlight [Quick crop] and press to save the cropped copy. Note that [Quick crop] is not available when RGB histograms are displayed.

The Retouch Menu

The [Trim] item in the retouch menu gives you the option of creating copies a variety of aspect ratios. You can even apply landscape-orientation crops to portrait-orientation pictures and vice versa.

The crop is indicated by a yellow frame. Size and position the crop using the and () buttons and multi selector and rotate the main command dial to choose the aspect ratio. The dimensions of the cropped copy, as determined by the crop size and aspect ratio, are listed in the top left corner of the display. Press to save the copy once the crop has been adjusted to your satisfaction.

Cropped Copies

Copies are saved to new files separate from the original picture. Copies created from NEF (RAW) pictures are saved at an image quality of [JPEG fine ★], while copies created from JPEG pictures are the same quality as the original. Note that depending on copy size, playback zoom may not be available when cropped copies are displayed.