Technical Solutions | D6 TIPS

Filtering by Marking

Use [Filtered playback] in the menu to display only pictures with selected markings.

Filtered Playback Criteria

To choose the criteria used to filter pictures for playback, select [Filtered playback criteria] in the playback or playback menu, highlight the desired options, and press to select () or deselect ().

When filtered playback is enabled, only pictures that meet all the selected criteria will be displayed. Choose from:

  • [Protect]: Include protected pictures.
  • [Rating]: Include pictures with ratings selected using [Choose ratings].
  • [Select to send (wired LAN/WT)]: Filter pictures by upload status, selected using [Sent/unsent]. Choose [Sent images] to include pictures previously uploaded to a computer or ftp server via Ethernet or a WT-6 wireless transmitter, [Unsent images] to include pictures that have been selected for upload but are as yet unsent. To include all pictures with upload marking and exclude any pictures that have not been marked for upload, choose both options.

Enabling Filtered Playback

To enable filtered playback, select [Filtered playback] in the menu. The camera will display only pictures that meet all the criteria selected for [Filtered playback criteria].

A white border appears around the display when filtered playback is enabled. To end filtered playback, select [Filtered playback] again.

"Sub-Dial Frame Advance"

When [Rating] or [Protect] is selected for Custom Setting f6 [Customize command dials] > [Sub-dial frame advance], you can jump between pictures with the selected marking by rotating the sub-command dial during full-frame playback.