Technical Solutions | D850 TIPS


Choose a memory card and format for movie recording.


  • -button menu :
  • Movie-related controls : ━
  • Movie shooting menu :

To choose the slot used for movie recording when two memory cards are inserted:

1 Select Destination in the -button menu.

With the camera in movie mode, press the button to display the -button menu. Press or to highlight Destination and press to view options.

2 Select the desired option.

Press or to highlight the desired option and press to select. The menu shows the time available on the card in the highlighted slot; recording ends automatically when no time remains on the card in the current slot. Press the button to exit to the shooting display when settings are complete.

The Movie Shooting Menu

The destination can also be selected using the Destination option in the movie shooting menu.

Movie File Type

  • -button menu : ━
  • Movie-related controls : ━
  • Movie shooting menu :

The Movie file type option in the movie shooting menu is used to choose the format in which movies are recorded. Choose from:

  • MOV: Record movies in the Apple QuickTime format often used for movies distributed via the Internet.
  • MP4: Record movies in an ISO/IEC-compliant format that can be viewed on many cellphones and smartphones.

Quality is not affected by the option selected.