Technical Solutions | D850 TIPS

Live View: Pinpoint AF

The D850's live view features a new pinpoint AF-area mode for more precise focus than ever before.

Pinpoint AF: The camera focuses precisely on the intended point (in this case, the stamens).

Intended focus point (enlarged)

Normal-area AF: The wider focus area may result in the camera not focusing on the intended point.

Intended focus point (enlarged)

Follow the steps below to take pictures using pinpoint AF. Before proceeding, we recommend that you mount the camera on a tripod and select single-servo autofocus (AF-S).

1 Start live view.

Pinpoint AF is available in live view only. Press the button to start live view.

2 Select .

Keeping the AF-mode button pressed, rotate the subcommand dial until (pinpoint AF) appears in the display.

3 Position the focus point.

Use the multi selector or touch controls to position the focus point, or press the center of the multi selector to return the focus point to the center of the frame.

4 Zoom in.

For greater accuracy, press the button to zoom in on the selected focus point.

5 Take the picture.

Although you can take pictures using the shutter-release button, to prevent blur caused by camera shake we recommend that you use the remote photography feature in the SnapBridge app or an optional accessory such as a wireless remote controller or remote cord.

Touch Controls

When using touch controls to position the focus point, note that at default settings, the shutter will be released when you lift your finger from the display (“touch shutter”); for more accurate focus, tap the touch shutter icon to turn the touch shutter off ().