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On-Camera Batch NEF (RAW) Processing

JPEG copies can be created from NEF (RAW) images using the NEF (RAW) processing option in the camera retouch menu.

The Benefits of On-Camera Processing

On-camera batch NEF (RAW) processing lets you apply identical settings to multiple images in a single pass; for greater efficiency, you can even select images by date. Processing images on the camera is much faster than on a computer, as can be seen from the following comparison of the times needed to process 500 NEF (RAW) images shot at a bit depth of 14 bits using lossless compression.

Computer: approximately 97 minutes (Windows 10, 3.3 GHz Core i7-6567U processor, 16 GB RAM, batch processing performed using Capture NX-D version 1.4.6)

Camera: approximately 17 minutes (images read from a 256 GB SONY G-series XQD card and written to a 256 GB Lexar Professional 1000× UHS-II SDHC/SDXC card)

On-Camera NEF (RAW) Processing

Follow the steps below to create JPEG copies of NEF (RAW) images using the camera NEF (RAW) processing option.

1 Select NEF (RAW) processing.

Highlight NEF (RAW) processing in the retouch menu and press .

2 Choose a destination.

If two memory cards are inserted, the NEF (RAW) images can be read from one card and the JPEG copies saved to the other, further reducing processing time (if only one memory card is inserted, proceed to Step 3).

To choose the destination for the JPEG copies, highlight Choose destination and press .

Highlight a card slot and press when prompted.

3 Choose how images are selected.

Choose from the options below.

Select image(s): Select images manually (proceed to Step 5). Use this option to process a single image or to select multiple images for batch processing.

Select date: Create JPEG copies of all the NEF (RAW) images taken on selected dates (proceed to Step 4).

Select all images: Create JPEG copies of all the NEF (RAW) images on the memory card (proceed to Step 4).

4 Select the source slot.

If two memory cards are inserted, you will be prompted to select the slot with the card containing the NEF (RAW) images. Highlight the desired slot and press . If you chose Select all images in Step 3, proceed to Step 6.

5 Select photographs.

If you chose Select image(s) in Step 3, a picture selection dialog will be displayed. Highlight images using the multi selector and press the center of the multi selector to select or deselect; selected images are indicated by a icon. To view the highlighted image full screen, press and hold the button. Press to proceed to Step 6 when your selection is complete; all selected images will be processed at the same settings.

If you chose Select date in Step 3, a list of dates will be displayed. Highlight dates using the multi selector and press to select or deselect. Press to select all NEF (RAW) pictures taken on the chosen dates and proceed to Step 6; all selected images will be processed at the same settings.

6 Choose settings for the JPEG copies.

Adjust the settings listed below.

1 Image quality
2 Image size
3 White balance
4 Exposure compensation
5 Picture Control
6 High ISO NR
7 Color space
8 Vignette control
9 Active D-Lighting

7 Copy the photographs.

Highlight EXE and press to create the JPEG copies (if multiple photos are selected, a confirmation dialog will be displayed; highlight Yes and press ). To exit without copying the photographs, press the button.

NEF (RAW) Processing

NEF (RAW) processing is available only with NEF (RAW) images created with D850 cameras. Photos in other formats or shot with other cameras will not be listed in the photo selection dialog in Step 5. In addition, white balance and vignette control cannot be applied to multiple exposures or pictures created with image overlay. Exposure compensation for NEF (RAW) processing can only be set to values between -2 and +2 EV.