Technical Solutions | Z 7II/Z 6II TIPS

Shooting Techniques

Here are some techniques you may find useful for portrait and wedding photography.


BeforeIt's important to talk with your models. Provide appropriate direction during shooting. It can also be a good idea to show them some shots from time to time as the session progresses so they can see how they look.

Liven Things Up

Your subjects' expressions are what makes or breaks portraits. Your mood will communicate itself to your models, in turn affecting how your pictures come out, so you should make an effort to liven things up. Take care, however, not to come across as pushy or ill-mannered.

Shoot More Than Portraits

In addition to portraits, take photos of the background and other bits and bobs.

Use Filters

For softer pictures, use neutral-density or soft-focus filters.

  • Neutral-density (ND) filters, which regulate the amount of light entering the lens, can be used where slower shutter speeds are desired.
  • Soft-focus filters are fine-tuned using a special process to produce a soft effect. They are noted for softening photos just enough for beautiful bokeh.