Technical Solutions | Z 7II/Z 6II TIPS

AE with Constant Shutter Speed and Aperture

If ISO sensitivity is fixed, you may find it difficult to achieve the desired exposure without varying shutter speed or aperture, particularly in settings with a mix of sun and shade, such as a soccer stadium or baseball diamond during a day game. Enabling auto ISO sensitivity control allows the camera to adjust ISO sensitivity for optimal exposure.

Auto ISO sensitivity control can be turned on or off by holding the ISO button and rotating the sub-command dial. ISO AUTO is displayed when auto ISO sensitivity control is on and ISO when it is off.

To prevent ISO sensitivity going too high, you can choose an upper limit using [ISO sensitivity settings] > [Maximum sensitivity] in the photo shooting menu. Choose from values of from ISO 100 (Z 7II) or 200 (Z 6II) to Hi 2.0.

[ISO sensitivity settings] > [Minimum shutter speed] is used to choose the shutter speed below which auto ISO sensitivity control will kick in to prevent underexposure in modes P and A. Choose from speeds of 1/4000 to 30 s, or select [Auto] to have the camera choose the minimum shutter speed based on the focal length of the lens.

Simplifying Exposure for Sports Photography

We recommend that you make the following additions to the settings listed in "Basic Settings for Sports Photography" if you plan on moving back and forth between indoor and outdoor settings or other locations that vary markedly in brightness.

  • Mode: A (aperture-priority auto)
  • Auto ISO sensitivity control: On
  • Minimum shutter speed: 1/500 s

In mode A, the camera automatically adjusts shutter speed for optimal exposure. The camera automatically raises ISO sensitivity if it determines that shutter speed will fall below the minimum, ensuring that shutter speed is never slower than 1/500 s and allowing the camera to adapt to changes in lighting while minimizing blur due to subject motion. Note that pictures taken at higher ISO sensitivities are prone to "noise" in the form of randomly-spaced bright pixels, fog, or lines.