Technical Solutions | Z 7II/Z 6II TIPS

Final Pre-shooting Checklist


  • Am I ready for rain? We recommend attaching camera rain covers or lens hoods when rain is in the forecast.
  • Am I ready for strong winds?
    • Choose a tripod that won't blow over.
    • Secure the camera strap (for example by tying it to the tripod) to keep it out of the frame during shooting.
  • Am I ready for condensation? We recommend using a third-party lens heater in settings where condensation is likely.


  • Am I out of people's way? Before setting up the camera, confirm that you are not trespassing and that shooting will not be affected by foot or vehicle traffic. If possible, choose a time when traffic is at a minimum.
  • Am I ready to be out after dark? Bring a flashlight or lantern if you plan to continue shooting after dark. Avoid unsafe locations, including heights or sites with poor footing.

Memory Cards

  • Is there enough space on the memory cards?
  • Do I have enough spare memory cards?


  • Are the batteries charged?
  • Do I have enough spare batteries?
  • Is the camera connected to an external power source?

Framing and Focus

  • Is the scene framed at 16:9? Time-lapse footage shot with [FX (36 × 24)] selected for [Choose image area] will be recorded at an aspect ratio of 16:9. We recommend that you switch briefly to [16:9 (36 × 20)] when framing shots.
  • Is the camera level? Display the virtual horizon by repeatedly pressing the DISP button and then use it as a reference to level the camera.
  • Is the subject in focus? Take a test shot and check framing and focus.