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How Time-Lapse Movies Are Made

Time-lapse movies are made up of frames created from photos taken automatically at a preset interval. On this camera, the photos can be taken using either [Interval timer shooting] or [Time-lapse movie] in the photo shooting menu.

"Interval Timer Shooting" Versus "Time-Lapse Movie"

Interval timer shooting Time-lapse movie
Difficulty High Low
  1. Take photos using
    [Interval timer shooting].*
  2. Copy photos to computer.
  3. Create movie using third-party software.
  1. Shoot frames using
    [Time-lapse movie].

Time-lapse movie is created automatically by joining frames in-camera.

Format/no. of files Hundreds to thousands of NEF (RAW) or JPEG photos One movie file
  • Movie must be created from photos.
  • High-resolution photos can be cropped.
  • NEF (RAW) photos can be processed to adjust white balance and other settings.
Because editing can be performed on final movie only, flexibility is less than for interval-timer photography.

* Option available for creating time-lapse movie automatically.

Creating Time-Lapse Movies: Workflow