Technical Solutions | Z7/Z6 TIPS

Important Notes on RAW Output Options

  • Upon receiving RAW video output functionality, camera firmware will also be updated to the latest available version.
  • After the RAW video output is activated, other camera features will continue to function normally.
  • Some RAW video output specifications are subject to change with future firmware updates.
  • ISO sensitivity can be set up to ISO 25600 with the Z 7 and ISO 51200 with the Z 6.
  • The following compensations are not applied to the RAW video file: Electronic VR, Picture Control, Active D-Lighting, high ISO NR, vignette control, diffraction compensation, auto distortion control and lateral chromatic aberration compensation
  • The image is displayed on the camera monitor during recording, regardless of the monitor mode setting. No viewfinder image is available.
  • Standard Picture Control is applied to the image displayed on the camera monitor.
    This does not affect the video being output to the Ninja V.
  • The image displayed on the Ninja V monitor also has in-device color correction applied, and does not match the look of the final image after color grading. Please refer to the Ninja V User Manual for details.
  • The “zoom in” function on the camera monitor is not available during RAW video recording. It is possible to zoom in using the Ninja V monitor.
  • During RAW video recording, the image areas (angle of view) displayed on the camera and the Ninja V monitor differ. The image area displayed on the Ninja V monitor is equivalent to the recorded video.
  • Available frame sizes, frame rates and image areas differ between the Z 7 and the Z 6.
  • Still images cannot be taken by pressing the shutter-release button during RAW video recording.
  • RAW videos can only be recorded to the Ninja V. They cannot be recorded to the in-camera memory card.
  • If you experience any problems with other companies' products such as the Ninja V, please contact the manufacturer.

Editing the RAW Video File

For post-production, optional third-party software is required.
Compatible software: Final Cut Pro X, EDIUS Pro 9, Premiere Pro (As of October 2020)

Frame Sizes, etc. for RAW Video Recording

The following frame sizes, frame rates and image areas are available with RAW video recording.

Z 7 Z 6
3840×2160 30p FX
3840×2160 25p FX
3840×2160 24p FX
3840×2160 30p DX 3840×2160 30p DX
3840×2160 25p DX 3840×2160 25p DX
3840×2160 24p DX 3840×2160 24p DX
1920×1080 60p FX 1920×1080 60p FX
1920×1080 50p FX 1920×1080 50p FX
1920×1080 30p FX 1920×1080 30p FX
1920×1080 25p FX 1920×1080 25p FX
1920×1080 24p FX 1920×1080 24p FX
1920×1080 60p DX
1920×1080 50p DX
1920×1080 30p DX
1920×1080 25p DX
1920×1080 24p DX