Technical Solutions | Z7/Z6 TIPS

RAW Video Output Settings

Connecting the camera with the Video Assist 12G

Connect an HDMI cable to the camera's HDMI connector

Connect the other end to the Video Assist 12G HDMI video input


  • Please make sure the camera is turned off before plugging/unplugging the HDMI cable.
  • A cable clip is recommended to prevent the HDMI cable from being accidentally detached.
  • If the image is not displayed on the Video Assist 12G monitor, please check the HDMI cable connections.
  • An SD card must be inserted into the Video Assist 12G for recording.
  • Please make sure the camera's photo/movie selector is rotated to movie mode.

Camera settings

1 Enable RAW output

SETUP MENU > HDMI > Advanced > RAW output options

Select RAW output

Select Enable (no recording to card)

2 Choose a RAW output mode

SETUP MENU > HDMI > Advanced > RAW output options

Select RAW output mode

Pick your desired RAW output mode*

* The menu screen shown here is for the Z 6. There are some differences from the Z 7. Please refer to this page for details.

3 Choose RAW output type B

SETUP MENU > HDMI > Advanced > RAW output options

Select RAW output type

Select B

4 Turn on External recording control

SETUP MENU > HDMI > Advanced > External recording control

Select On

⇒ You can now start/stop recording by pressing the camera's movie-record button.
(recording) or (standby) icon will be displayed on the camera monitor.

Video Assist 12G settings


⇒ Supports RAW input via HDMI.

2 Select RECORD > CODEC > Blackmagic RAW

⇒ Records HDMI input image in Blackmagic RAW and displays monitor image in color.

3 Select RECORD > TRIGGER RECORD > Video Start/Stop

⇒ Now the camera's movierecord button can be used to control the start/stop of recording on the Video Assist 12G.
If this is functioning correctly, timecodes will increment in red on the Video Assist 12G monitor during recording.


Please refer to the Video Assist 12G manual for more details about Video Assist 12G settings.