Technical Solutions | Z 7/Z 6 TIPS

Recalling Saved Settings via the Mode Dial

Frequently-used settings can be assigned to mode-dial positions U1, U2, and U3. For example, you can assign landscape settings to U1, portrait settings to U2, and settings for sports photography to U3 and instantly switch combinations just by rotating the mode dial. The settings stored include:

  • photo shooting menu options,
  • movie shooting menu options,
  • Custom Settings, and
  • shooting mode, shutter speed (modes S and M), aperture (modes A and M), flexible program (mode P), and exposure and flash compensation.

To save current settings to a position on the mode dial, select Save user settings in the setup menu, highlight Save to U1, Save to U2, or Save to U3, press , and then highlight Yes and press when prompted.

User Settings

Some settings, including the options selected for Choose image area and Manage Picture Control, are not saved.

Settings for selected user settings modes can be restored to default values using Reset user settings in the setup menu.