Technical Solutions | Z 9 TIPS

Frequently-Used Controls

Dust on the Image Sensor

Dust on the image sensor can greatly complicate the post-production process, particularly when it comes to video. For this reason, we recommend that, before exchanging lenses or the like, you configure the sensor shield to close when the camera is turned off. This can be accomplished by selecting [Sensor shield closes] for [Sensor shield behavior at power off] in the setup menu.

  • Camera startup times may increase.
  • The shield can be damaged by touching it when it is closed.
  • When exchanging lenses with the shield closed, be sure to insert the lens perpendicular to the mount. If inserted at an angle, lenses could contact the sensor shield and damage the shield or the image sensor.
Image Sensor Cleaning

The [Clean image sensor] option in the setup menu vibrates the image sensor to remove dirt and dust.

  • Highlight [Start] and press to start image sensor cleaning. Camera controls cannot be used while cleaning is in progress. Do not remove or disconnect the power source.
  • To configure the camera to automatically perform image sensor cleaning at shutdown, select [Automatic cleaning] > [Clean at shutdown].
    Automatic image sensor cleaning can be interrupted by using camera controls while shutdown is in progress.
  • If image sensor cleaning is performed several times in succession, image sensor cleaning may be temporarily disabled to protect the camera's internal circuitry. Cleaning can be performed again after a short wait.
  • Dust and dirt that cannot be removed using image sensor cleaning can be removed by a Nikon-authorized service representative.