Technical Solutions | Z 9 TIPS

Full-Frame Playback Flicks

Choose the role assigned to the flick up and flick down gestures during full-frame playback.

Settings can be adjusted using Custom Setting f12 [Full-frame playback flicks] > [Flick up] and [Flick down].

Flick Up/Flick Down Options

[Rating] Assign the current picture a pre-selected rating.
  • The rating can be chosen by pressing . Choose from ratings of from zero to five stars, or select to mark the picture as a candidate for later deletion.
  • Assigning different ratings to [Flick up] and [Flick down] helps you rate pictures quickly.
[Select for upload to computer] Mark the current picture for priority upload to a computer.
[Select for upload (FTP)] Mark the current picture for priority upload to an FTP server.
[Protect] Protect the current picture.
[Voice memo] Record and play voice memos. Voice memos cannot be added to videos.
[None] Flicking up or down has no effect.

Click here for the image optimized for small screens. (JPG 92.4KB).

  • Pictures selected by flicking up or down during playback are indicated by icons. The marking can be removed by flicking again in the same direction.
Priority Upload Marking

Choosing [Select for upload to computer] or [Select for upload (FTP)] allows priority upload marking to be added when the camera is connected to a computer or FTP server.