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Sports AF: Autofocus Basics

The following settings are suitable for most sports:

Focus mode AF-C
AF-area mode
  • Solo events: 3D-tracking
  • Team events: Dynamic-area AF (S)
Photo shooting menu AF subject detection options [Auto]
Custom Settings a1 AF‑C priority selection [Release]
a3 Focus tracking
with lock-on
Blocked shot AF response [2]
Subject motion [Steady]
a9 Focus mode restrictions [Continuous AF]

Focus Mode: AF‑C

The camera adjusts focus continuously while the AF‑ON button is pressed or the shutter-release button is pressed halfway.

AF-Area Mode: 3D-Tracking (Solo Events)/Dynamic-Area AF (S) (Teams)

We recommend 3D-tracking as the AF-area mode for solo events. The focus point can be made to track a selected subject.

For team events, we recommend dynamic-area AF (S). You can quickly adjust focus as you switch from one player to another.

AF Subject Detection Options: Auto

The camera will detect humans, animals, and vehicles and choose a subject for focus automatically.

  • Subject detection is available when wide-area AF (S), wide-area AF (L), wide-area AF (C1), wide-area AF (C2), 3D-tracking, or auto-area AF is selected for AF-area mode.

Focus Tracking with Lock-On

Custom Setting a3 [Focus tracking with lock-on] controls how autofocus responds to changes in the distance to the subject.

Blocked Shot AF Response: [2]

Increasing the speed with which the autofocus system reacts to blocked shots ensures that focus responds quickly to frequent subject changes.

Subject Motion: [Steady]

[Steady] is suited to a wide variety of subjects.

Recommended Settings by Event

See "Recommended AF Settings by Event" for the recommended AF settings for different sporting events.