Technical Solutions | D850 TIPS

Viewing Tips

Some tips for viewing movies:

Ten-Second Advance/Rewind

Rotate the main command dial one click to advance or rewind 10 seconds.

Skipping to an Index or the Last/First Frame

If you added index markers during recording, you can skip to the next or previous index frame by rotating the sub-command dial during playback. If there are no intervening index markers, the subcommand dial will take you to the last or first frame.

Index Marking

If Index marking is assigned to a control using Custom Setting g1 (Custom control assignment, see this section), you can press the selected control during recording to add indices that can be used to locate frames during editing and playback. Up to 20 indices can be added to each movie.

Slow-Motion Playback

To view a movie in slow motion starting from the current playback position, pause playback and then press .

Using the Touch Screen

The touch screen offers the following movie playback controls:


Tap the icon to start playback and tap the monitor to pause or resume.


Tap the progress bar to skip to the selected position and pause playback. You may find this useful when attempting to find a specific scene in a long movie.

Volume Control

Tap the or icon during playback to adjust the volume.