Technical Solutions | Z 7II/Z 6II TIPS

Before You Begin

Before embarking on portrait or wedding photography, you'll need to:

Decide What You're Taking Pictures For

The number and types of shots you'll need and their composition and presentation depend on where and how the photos will be used, whether it be (for example) as prints or in an album or anthology.

Plan Locations, Shot Types, and Poses

Think about the location and the types of shots and poses you'll be aiming for. It's a good idea to storyboard or take notes.

Share Your Ideas with Your Models

Share your ideas about the shoot with the people who will be your subjects. For wedding photos, it's vital to consult with the bride and groom.

Adjust Camera Settings

Adjusting camera settings in advance is a must. Choosing the right settings helps ensure that the shoot proceeds smoothly and minimizes the amount of retouching required in post. See "Camera Settings" (see this section) for more information.