Technical Solutions | Z 9 TIPS


Image Artifacts

  • You may notice the following in the shooting display during filming. These phenomena will also be visible in any footage recorded with the camera:
    • distortion during motion (individual subjects such as trains or cars moving at high speed through the frame may be distorted, or the entire frame may appear distorted when the camera is panned horizontally),
    • jagged edges, color fringing, moiré, or bright spots,
    • bright regions or bands in scenes lit by flashing signs and other intermittent light sources or when the subject is briefly illuminated by a strobe or other bright, momentary light source, or
    • flicker when power aperture is used during video recording.
  • Banding caused by "flicker" may be visible in footage of scenes lit by such sources as fluorescent, mercury vapor, or sodium lamps. Flicker can be reduced using [Video flicker reduction] (see this section) in the video recording menu. Flicker reduction may not produce the desired results if the subject is very bright. If this is the case, try choosing a smaller aperture (higher f-number).
  • Note that noise (randomly-spaced bright pixels, fog, or lines) and unexpected colors may be more noticeable if you use the button to zoom in on the view through the lens.

Other Notes

  • Video recording will end automatically if:
    • the maximum length is reached,
    • you switch shooting modes,
    • you switch modes using the photo/video selector,
    • the lens is removed, or
    • the camera's internal temperature rises.
  • The current video will not be saved if the battery is removed during recording.