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The Live View Display

The live view display offers exposure preview and controls for monitor brightness, headphone volume, and microphone sensitivity.

The Live View Display

The following are displayed in the monitor during live view and movie recording:

Information Display
  1. Recording indicator: Indicates that recording is in progress. is displayed if movies cannot currently be recorded.
  2. Wind noise reduction: Displayed when wind noise reduction is on (see this section).
  3. Touch AF icon: Enable or disable touch AF. When touch AF is enabled, focus point can be positioned and autofocus initiated by tapping monitor.
  4. Electronic VR indicator: Displayed when electronic vibration reduction is on (see this section).
  5. Headphone volume: Volume of audio output to headphones. Displayed when third-party headphones are connected.
  6. Frequency response: See this section.
  7. Microphone sensitivity: See this section.
  8. Sound level: Sound level for audio recording. Displayed in red if level is too high; adjust microphone sensitivity accordingly.
  9. HDMI recording indicator: Displayed if movies are simultaneously being recorded to a device connected via HDMI (see this section).
  10. Attenuator indicator: Displayed when the attenuator is enabled (see this section).
  11. Time remaining: The recording time available for movies (see this section).
  12. Movie frame size: The frame size for movie recording (see this section).
  13. Highlight display indicator: Appears when highlight display is on.
  14. “No power aperture” indicator: Indicates that power aperture is unavailable.

The Information Display: Movie Live View

Press the button to choose the information displayed in movie mode.

Information Display


The warnings at right may be displayed during recording.

The Count-Down Display

A count down will be displayed 30 s before live view ends automatically. The timer turns red if live view is about to end to protect the internal circuits or, if an option other than No limit is selected for Custom Setting c4 (Monitor off delay) > Live view, 5 s before the monitor is due to turn off automatically.

File Names

During recording, a new file is created when the current file reaches 4 GB. Normally displayed in white, the file name in the information display flashes amber 30 s and turns red 10 s before a new file is created.

The Virtual Horizon Display

The virtual horizon can be used to help level the camera when mounting it on a tripod. To view the virtual horizon in movie mode, use the button as described (see this section).

The virtual horizon shows roll and pitch based on information from the camera tilt sensors. If the camera is tilted neither left nor right, the roll reference line will turn green, while if the camera is tilted neither forward nor back, the pitch reference line will turn green and a dot will appear in the center of the display. Each of the divisions in the gauge around the circumference of the display is equivalent to 5°.

Camera level Camera tilted right Camera tilted forward
Camera level
Camera tilted right
Camera tilted forward

You can also view a virtual horizon using the Virtual horizon option in the setup menu.

The Virtual Horizon Display

The display is not accurate when the camera is tilted at a sharp angle forward or back. If the camera is unable to measure tilt, the gauge will vanish from the circumference of the display.