Technical Solutions | D850 TIPS

Unavailable Menu Options

If you find that the menu items mentioned in this manual are grayed out, you may be able to access them by changing camera settings as described below.

The Photo Shooting Menu

White balance(see this section)
“Preset manual” > “Copy from existing photograph” unavailable
  • Check that a memory card is selected as the destination and that it is inserted, formatted, undamaged, and contains at least one photo.
  • Ensure the selected preset is not protected.
  • Wait for recording (including multiple exposure photography) to end.
Focus shift shooting(see this section)
“Focus shift shooting” unavailable
  • Use an AF-S or AF-P lens.
  • Rotate the focus-mode selector to AF.
  • End multiple exposure, interval timer, bracketing, HDR, negative digitizer, and time-lapse recording.
  • Set the camera clock.
  • Exit image transfer mode.
“Focus shift shooting” > “Start” unavailable
  • If Record movies is selected for Custom Setting g1 (Custom control assignment) > Shutter release button, rotate the live view selector to .
  • End self-timer photography.

The -Button Menu (Live View Photography)

Negative digitizer(see this section)
“Negative digitizer” unavailable
  • End bracketing, HDR, and silent (mode 2) photography.
  • Exit image transfer mode.
  • End the connection to the SnapBridge app.