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The Video Recording Display

Exposure for videos and photos shot in video mode can be previewed in the monitor and viewfinder.
The explanation that follows concentrates mostly on the monitor.

The Shooting Display

The following are displayed in the monitor in video mode:

  1. Recording indicator: Indicates that recording is in progress. A "no video" indicator () is displayed if videos cannot currently be recorded.
  2. External recording control: Displayed if video is simultaneously being recorded to a device connected via HDMI (see this section).
  3. Video recording time: The time elapsed from the start of recording.
  4. Frame size and rate: The frame size (in pixels) and frame rate for video recording (see this section).
  5. Time remaining: The recording time available for videos (see this section).
  6. Video file type: The video file type (see this section).
  7. Sound level: The sound level for audio recording. Displayed in red if the level is too high. Reduce microphone sensitivity.
  8. Microphone sensitivity: The current microphone sensitivity (see this section) setting.
  9. Touch shooting: Enable or disable touch AF
    • When [ Touch AF] is enabled, the focus point can be positioned and autofocus initiated by tapping the monitor.
    • When [ Position focus point] is enabled, tapping the monitor positions the focus point but does not initiate autofocus.
  10. Vibration reduction indicator: The current vibration reduction setting (see this section).
  11. Electronic VR indicator: Displayed when electronic vibration reductionis on (see this section).
  12. Headphone volume: Displayed when third-party headphones are connected. Shows the volume of the audio output to the headphones.
  13. Zebra pattern: Used to indicate selected tone ranges (see this section).

The Information Display: Video Mode

Press the DISP button to choose the information displayed in video mode. The type and content of the displays available vary with the options chosen for Custom Settings g15 [Custom monitor shooting display] and g16 [Custom viewfinder shooting display] (see this section).

Temperature Warnings
  • If the camera temperature becomes elevated, a temperature warning and count-down timer will be displayed.
  • Although video recording does not end when the temperature warning is displayed, when the count-down timer reaches zero, the shooting display will turn off and the camera will power down after saving the current footage to the memory card.
  • The timer turns red when the thirty second mark is reached. In some cases, the timer may be displayed immediately after the camera is turned on.
  • Turn the camera off if the shooting display turns off due to the camera overheating. To cool the camera, we recommend that you shade it from direct sunlight using a parasol, towel, or the like.
  • The temperature at which the count-down timer is displayed can be selected using the [Auto temperature cutout] item in the setup menu, which offers a choice of [Standard] and [High] (see this section).
Memory Card High-Temperature Warning
  • Increases in the temperature of the memory cards may be accompanied by a memory card high-temperature warning in the shooting display. Wait for the memory cards to cool and the warning to clear from the display before handling the camera or memory cards.
  • Video recording does not end when a memory card high-temperature warning is displayed. The camera does not turn off automatically and a count-down timer will not be displayed.

Customizing the Displays

The indicators shown in the displays can be chosen using Custom Settings g15 [Custom monitor shooting display] and g16 [Custom viewfinder shooting display]. For more information, see "Custom Shooting Displays". The options available are listed below.

SIMPLE [Basic shooting info] View the shooting mode, shutter speed, aperture, and other basic shooting info.
DETAIL [Detailed shooting info] View the focus mode, AF-area mode, white balance, and other detailed shooting info.
[Touch controls] View options that can be accessed via touch controls, including touch AF and the menu.
  • This option cannot be accessed via Custom Setting g16 [Custom viewfinder shooting display].
[Virtual horizon] Enable the virtual horizon. The display type can be selected using Custom Setting d17 [Virtual horizon type].
[Brightness information] View an RGB histogram or wave-form monitor. The display type can be selected using Custom Setting g14 [Brightness information display].
[Framing grid] Enable the framing grid.
[Center indicator] Display crosshairs at the center of the frame.

Click here for the image optimized for small screens. (JPG 288KB).

The Virtual Horizon Display

The virtual horizon can be used to help level the camera. It can be used, for example, to level the camera when it is mounted on a tripod. At default settings, it can be viewed by pressing the DISP button to cycle to Display 3.

  • The indicators are displayed in green when the camera is level.
Camera level Camera tilted left or right Camera tilted forward or back
  • The display type can be selected using Custom Setting d17 [Virtual horizon type]. If [Type B] is selected, the roll indicator will appear at the bottom of the display and the pitch indicator at its right edge.
The Virtual Horizon Display

Note that the display may not be accurate when the camera is tilted at a sharp angle forward or back. The camera will not display pitch and roll indicators when held at angles at which tilt cannot be measured.

Quick Display Selection

Controls can be assigned display-related functions using Custom Setting g2 [Custom controls].

  • [Live view info display off]: Pressing the control hides indicators in the shooting display. Press again to view indicators.
  • [Framing grid]:]: Pressing the control displays a framing grid. Press the control again to turn the display off. The display type can be selected using Custom Setting g13 [Grid type].
  • [Virtual horizon]: Pressing the control displays the virtual horizon. Press the control again to turn the display off. The display type can be selected using Custom Setting d17 [Virtual horizon type].

Using Zoom in Video Mode

To zoom in on the display in video mode (to a maximum of approximately 16×), press the button.

  • Use the and (?) buttons to zoom in and out.
  • A navigation window will appear at the bottom right corner of the display.
  • Use the multi selector to scroll to areas of the frame not visible in the display.
  • Press during recording to zoom the display in 50%, 100% (1 : 1), or 200%. Press (?) to zoom out.
  • 50% zoom is not available at a frame size of 1920 × 1080.
  • Zoom is not available during RAW recording.
  • When viewing videos, you can zoom in on the current frame while playback is paused.
  • When shooting in video mode, you can also zoom in on the current focus point using a control assigned [Zoom on/off] via Custom Setting g2 [Custom controls]. The zoom ratio can be chosen from [Low magnification (50%)], [1 : 1 (100%)], and [High magnification (200%)].