Technical Solutions | Z 9 TIPS

Accessing Video Settings

Video settings can be adjusted in video mode using any of the following three methods: the button menu, video-related controls, or the video recording menu.

The -Button Menu

To display the video menu, rotate the photo/video selector to and either press the button or tap the icon.

Using the Button

1 With the camera in video mode, press the button.

  • Available settings will be displayed.
  • If desired, you can navigate the menu using touch controls after pressing the button.

2 Highlight the desired item and press .

  • Options for the selected item will be displayed.

3 Press or to highlight the desired option and press to select.

  • The menu shown in Step 1 will be displayed.
  • To exit to the shooting display, press the button again.
Using the Command Dials

Items for which the camera displays an on-screen guide can be adjusted by highlighting them in the menu and rotating a command dial. In some cases, adjustments can be made using both the main and sub-command dials.

Customizing the Menu

The items displayed in the video-mode menu can be chosen using Custom Setting g1 [Customize menu] (see this section).

The Video Recording Menu

The video recording menu can be displayed by pressing the button and selecting the tab.

Accessing Settings

Throughout this chapter, the means by which the settings discussed in each section can be accessed are listed in tables like that below. The methods that can be used are indicated by check marks () and those that cannot by dashes (—).

  • -button menu :
  • Camera controls : —
  • Other menus :
  • The items that can be accessed via the -button menu can be chosen using Custom Setting g1 [Customize menu] (see this section).
  • "Camera controls" includes controls to which the function in question has been assigned using Custom Setting g2 [Custom controls] (see this section).