Enabling NX Field Settings on D6 Cameras

Once configured for use with an FTP server, D6 cameras can be readied for use with the NX Field System.

Readying the D6 for Connection to the NX Field System

Select [On] for [Wireless LAN/WT] > [Options] > [Sync. release with FTP] in the setup menu.

This enables the FTP server profile you created on the camera (0 “Connecting D6 Cameras to FTP Servers” ), allowing the camera to connect to the NX Field System.

“Sync. Release with FTP”

[Sync. release with FTP] is available only with cameras that have firmware that supports the NX Field System.

Choosing a Group Name

Assigning cameras, iPhones, and iPads on the network the same group name links the cameras in the group together. In the setup menu, select [Wireless LAN/WT] > [Options] > [Sync. release with FTP] > [Group name] and choose a group name.

  • Be sure all cameras have the same group name.
  • If you will be controlling the cameras from an iPhone or iPad, the group name should be the same as that chosen for [Group name] on the iOS device (0 Choosing a Group Name , Choosing a Group Name ).

Configuring the Standby Timer

Shooting will not proceed smoothly if the standby timers on the master or remote cameras are allowed to expire. Use Custom Setting c2 [Standby timer] to set standby timers as follows.

  • Master camera: Select a delay of at least [5 min].

    • When controlling remote cameras from a master camera, note that the master camera will take about 20 seconds to connect to remote cameras after the standby timer is activated. We recommend extending the master camera standby timer to ensure that the connection to the remote cameras is not easily interrupted.
    • Start the timer at least 20 seconds before taking photographs.
  • Remote cameras: Choose [No limit].

    The NX Field System cannot be used to configure remote cameras or release the shutter after the standby timer expires. Whether the controlling device is a master camera, an iPhone, or an iPad, you should configure the remote cameras so that their standby timers will not expire.