Connecting Z 9 Cameras to FTP Servers

Before adjusting camera settings, confirm that the FTP server is up and running.

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable to the camera’s Ethernet connector.

  2. Select [ON] for [Wired LAN] in the network menu.

  3. In the network menu, select [Connect to FTP server] > [Network settings] > [Create profile] > [Connection wizard].

  4. Name the new profile.

  5. When prompted to choose how the IP address is obtained, select [Enter manually].

    • If [Obtain automatically] is selected, settings on the master camera will need to be updated whenever a remote camera’s IP address changes. We recommend that you select [Enter manually] and choose a fixed IP address for use with the NX Field System.
    • Ask the network administrator for fixed IP addresses, subnet masks, and any other information you may need to enter.

  6. Enter the camera IP address and subnet mask.

    Assign each camera a unique IP address.

  7. Choose the server type and enter the FTP server address.


    [FTPS] is available from Z 9 “C” firmware version 3.00. Before connecting to an FTPS server, you will need to load a root certificate onto the camera. Root certificates can be managed using [Connect to FTP server] > [Options] > [Manage root certificate] in the camera network menu.

  8. When prompted to choose a login method, select [Enter user ID] and supply a user ID and password.

    User IDs and passwords can be obtained from the network administrator.

  9. Choose a destination folder.

    To enter the folder name manually, select [Enter folder name]. The folder must already exist on the server.

  10. Confirm that the camera has connected to the FTP server.

    • Once a connection is established, the profile name will be displayed in green.
    • If the profile name is displayed in red, check FTP or network settings.