About This Guide

This is a connection guide for using cameras, iPhones, and iPads with the NX Field System. It describes how different models of camera can be connected to FTP servers or configured for use with the NX Field System.

For more information on using the NX Field System, see the NX Field System User’s Manual.


Supported Cameras

This guide is for users of Z 9, D6, and D5 cameras. Before it can be used with the NX Field System, your camera will need a fee-for-service firmware update from a Nikon-authorized service representative.

Wireless Connections

Although the NX Field System can connect to wireless networks via a WT‑5 or WT‑6 wireless transmitter or the Z 9’s built-in wireless LAN, Ethernet networks are a better choice as they ensure reliable remote camera control and FTP upload unaffected by variations in signal strength. The instructions in this guide assume an Ethernet connection.