Technical Solutions | D850 TIPS

Making Movies: Workflow

1. Prepare

Before shooting movies, learn the names and locations of camera controls as described in the following sections:

An optional AC adapter or battery pack is recommended for extended recording (for information on compatible accessories, see this section). Before proceeding to the next step, insert a battery and memory card and turn the camera on.

3. Start recording

If you are using autofocus, focus before shooting. At default settings, the camera automatically detects and focuses on faces ( face-priority AF); to focus instead on a selected area of the frame, choose a different AF-area mode (see this section). To refocus, tap your subject in the monitor (you can also refocus using the AF-ON button or by pressing the shutterrelease button halfway).

To focus in manual focus mode, rotate the lens focus ring. If focus peaking is enabled (see this section), objects that are in focus will be indicated by colored outlines, making focus easier to verify.

To start recording, press the movie-record button. If Record movies is selected for Custom Setting g1 (Custom control assignment) > Shutter release button (see this section), you can instead start and end recording using the shutter-release button or an optional remote cord or wireless remote controller.

See the following for additional information:

4. End recording

Press the movie-record button again to end recording, then press the button to end live view.